Thursday, January 26, 2017

SkillsFuture Qualification Award: Not a free lunch for me

Ever since I've been told by my superiors that I'm eligible for company-sponsored training (about time yah? my previous contract jobs have no such benefits -.-), I've been combing the SkillsFuture course directory for courses that are relevant to my job scope.

Incidentally, while browsing through the SkillsFuture website, I came across the SkillsFuture Qualification Award (see this link for details).

Hey! Did I just hit a gold mine or what? There's a whooping $1000 cash prize for people like me who have completed one of the qualifications detailed there. What's more, I have used my Post-Secondary Education Account (PSEA) to fund said qualification. Shiok deal right? Did not pay out of my pocket for an education and yet receive a monetary award upon course completion.

Extra $1000 into my war chest? No free lunch lah! According to the staff, my qualification is MOE-certified and not WSQ-certified, even though that same MOE-certified qualification is accompanied with WSQ competency certifications.

Definitions. Definitions.

I did a search on some WSQ courses which I am interested in as well as their respective course providers. Ummm, let's just say you should go google them yourself?

Anyway, next time when are you sent on course, just remember to try your luck and apply for the Qualification Award. You never know you might qualify!


  1. what is "Post-Secondary Education Account (PSEA)"?

    1. Hi FC,

      From what I know, funds from Edusave are transferred to the post-secondary education account and, at a later stage, transferred to CPF when the individual turns 30.

      The PSEA, like Edusave, is available to all Singaporeans and is used to pay for educational courses/professional upgrading courses.

      Happy new year!

  2. ah, you must be very young then.. no wonder..

  3. Hmm...

    There is one thing I have in mind In terms of training.if I am
    Not wrong; those 1k award courses, min is 2 years

    1. I noticed that those "academic" courses tended to be MOE-certified whereas those professional courses tended to be WSQ-certified.