Sunday, March 19, 2017

History of Cash Calls for REITs (Updated as at 19 March 2017)

Wow. Time flies. It has been 7 months since I posted a list detailing the history of cash calls for REITs.

I have just done an update to the list:
1). Added in new cash calls that happened within this period
2). Rearranged the list by alphabetical order
3). Added in past private placements which I have missed out
4). Created a page/tab to contain the information *points above* (or click here if you are using your mobile and am unable to view the page/tab)

From this point forward, any changes to the list will be reflected in that page/tab instead of a particular blog post. Still, I will update readers of any changes via blog postings.

I have some ideas to improve on the information presented, but it will take some time. As always, if there's any inaccuracies in the list, do drop me a comment. Thanks!

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