Friday, March 8, 2019

Sneak preview of the Web App I'm working on

I have been spending my time working on my web application. Now that it is nearly done, I shall let the pictures do the talking. :)

Capitaland Mall Trust DPU Trend - Enreitch

Above, we have Capitaland Mall Trust's quarterly DPU trend since listing.

Capitaland Mall Trust DPU Trend - Enreitch

Wanna interact with the chart directly instead of toggling with the dropdown menus and slider bar? Sure, you can highlight selected portions of the chart directly.

Capitaland Mall Trust DPU Trend - Enreitch

....and there you have it! Hover your mouse over the data points and the info will pop out.

How did REITs fare during the GFC?

We can answer these questions as well.

AIMS AMP Cap REIT NAV per unit Trend - Enreitch

For example, AIMS AMP Cap REIT NAV per unit cratered during the GFC.

What other metrics do I have? Plenty!

Mapletree Logistics Trust Percentage of Fixed Rate Debt Trend - Enreitch

Above, we have Mapletree Logistics Trust's Percentage of Fixed Rate Debt trend. *Hint* Take a look at the dropdown menu.

In the mean time, I'll be polishing my app further. Enreitch (pronounced "enrich") will be arriving shortly to enrich your REIT analysis. REIT analysis, I hope, will be less ireitating moving forward.

Cheers! :)


  1. Wow!

    You can create your own tool!

    That's cool :)

  2. Hi UN

    Wow this is impressive!

    May I know if the data youve got to source it from a third party or do you have to download and update it yourself from here onwards?

    1. Hi B,

      Unfortunately, I'll have to update it myself. Fortunately, the main hard work is done (checking quarterlies for all REITs since IPO). Phew!

    2. Perhaps could consider working with a third party to reduce the hard work. But then again, that might mean losing some controlling rights over the app.

    3. Hi Rainbowcoin,

      No need liao lah. The hard part is done :)

  3. Hi Unintelligent Nerd,

    Looks good so far. Did you design your web app mainly to be used as a mobile app or is it best viewed using a browser?

    Is this app using webview in Android or web javascript frameworks like angularjs/react?

    Which cloud service provider are you considering to host the backend database? I wonder which are the value-for-money cloud choices out there today.

    I seldom encounter software nerds on financial blogs. Makes me a bit excited.

    1. Hi Hyom,

      It's both web and mobile compatible.

      Nope, I did not go the Android route after all.

      Speaking of javascript, the issue that I am trying to settle now is on performance. The initialization time could definitely be shortened. Apparently, it is caused by calls to javascript libraries, which I have zero experience in. -.-

      The server provider provides backend hosting as well. So I'm covered in that area.


    2. Browsers have caching functions. The slowness may happen only the first time but will be faster in subsequent attempts. May not be that serious a problem.

      How the calls are made may be worth looking into. Of course, use the minified version of the javascript libraries. I don't think the problem lies with the javascript libraries. Otherwise, everyone will be complaining about the same problem.

      Which javascript libraries are you using?

      Can't escape javascript when developing front-end web apps. I remembered I had a hard time learning angularjs because it didn't quite look like the simple javascript client code that I encounter in basic tutorials.

    3. Yup, the lag occurs in the initialization phase only.

      The R Plotly library is based on the Plotly's Javascript graphing library. Are you familiar with this?

      I see. Thanks for sharing your experience.

    4. Not familiar with R and R-related libraries. I have heard good things about R being a good language for statistical analysis.

      I'm more into python than R. I have decided to invest my time into python because python has better support for machine learning and AI.

    5. I see. Thanks for sharing.

      I better jump on the python bandwagon soon. Most bloggers who code, code in python!

  4. Based on your past posts, I think R suits you well. R is superior for statistical analysis which you use in your research work. Python is a general-purpose language, so it cannot compete with R which is designed for statistical analysis.

    The choice of coding language depends on the application. For front-end web app, use javascript. For machine learning and Artificial Intelligence R&D work, use python. For fast performance like high-frequency trading, use C++. For statistical stuff, use R. For low level hardware driver or embedded firmware stuff, use C/C++. For nerds, have to learn all of them. LOL.

    1. "For nerds, have to learn all of them. LOL."

      Wah piang. Stressful =P

  5. Wow. That's very impressive! Looking forward to it! On a side note, my app broke when SGX move to the new site and I have yet to fix it @__@"

    1. That sucks :(

      Same for when yahoo finance changed their API.

      I gave up trying to rely on others so I download and make my own database! That way, 3rd party changes won't affect me (but the drawbacks is I won't have real-time data zzzz).

  6. Hi UN,

    This is really some awesome stuff! Wow. (Makes me want to go and learn some coding too.)

    Keep us updated when you decided to move it public will you? *support*

    1. Please do! It'll be fun (okay, coding has its hair-pulling moments too).

      Thanks thanks. Sure! :)

  7. Looks good!

    Sounds like a tool I would use.

  8. Hi unN

    Thanks for sharing the fruits of labour you developed. This will be immensely helpful to many retail investors.

    Will you be considering getting automated data feeds from other websites (reitdata) or other vendors? Your project is impressive but may be demanding/ not scalable in the long run considering the data maintainence required.

    1. Hi INTJ,

      Unlikely. No other websites or vendors provide the type of data my app will be providing (.....which is why I can occupy this niche in the first place).

      Good point on scalability. For now, manual updates by myself will suffice. I have some idea to tackle scalability issues in the future. Thanks for the heads-up!

  9. Good man! The website is great. I just visited.

    When I start my biz in near future, and requires a partner in web/app design, I know where to find...