Friday, August 4, 2017

Small issue with SkillsFuture Credit Claim

I have just received my course fee payment letter today. In 2 weeks' time, I'll be done with my 1-year academic programme. Following which, I have already applied and secured a place for yet another 1-year academic programme which I need to make payment for.

This time round, I intend to use the SkillsFuture Credit to make payment, since it makes more sense to use it earlier compared to the PSEA account or other free resources (see here). Previously, I avoided using the SkillsFuture Credit for payment as I had to pay out of my own pocket first before being reimbursed by the government.

Based on anecdotal evidence I hear from friends, there have been some changes to the SkillsFuture Credit claim system. Instead of paying out of my own pocket first, I can now notify both SkillsFuture and the training provider on their respective systems. Both parties will liaise with one another, without requiring further input on my part.

What I did not know was that claims on the SkillsFuture website could only be made within 60 days from the course commencement date. Being someone who likes to settle stuff early, my claim got rejected (my course starts in more than 2 months' time). Supposedly, at this juncture, my training provider will be chasing payment from SkillsFuture while SkillsFuture would indicate that no such training claim has been made. <Facepalm>

Once I'm done with my course, I will share my experiences on taking these 1-year academic programmes: Are they worth it? Do employers recognize them? How useful are the skills taught?, etc.


  1. Hi
    I haven't claim my skills future yet. Cos I don't know how the claim procedure & I also haven't choose a course to attend yet. So please please share ur experience on how to claim & the procedure after u have complated ur course...
    Many thanks & Enjoy ur course ;)

    1. Hi Sy Sy,

      Sure. Will do up a post once I managed to settle it. Cheers!

  2. what kinda 1 year academic course are you taking?

    1. Hi FC,

      I'll be sharing in my next post. Stay tuned! :D