Friday, August 18, 2017

Claiming your SkillsFuture Credit

As requested by Sy in my previous post, here are the steps I took to claim my SkillsFuture Credit.

Depending on who your course provider is and how they handle claims (either you pay first and they reimburse you later or the government pays the training provider directly), your experience in claiming the SkillsFuture Credit may vary. In my case, the prevailing arrangement is that the government pays the training provider directly.

For my course, there is both a tuition fee component as well as an "other fees" component. It is explicitly stated by my training provider that the SkillsFuture Credit could only be used to pay for the tuition fee component. I would have to settle payment for the "other fees" component on my own (Fortunately, I am able to use my PSEA to offset the "other fees" component).

First, I had to use my training provider's e-payment system to declare the amount of SkillsFuture Credit I am going to use. After declaring the amount on the e-payment system, I was given a receipt of the course fees.

Next, I proceeded to the SkillsFuture Credit Claim website to submit a claim application. You will end up on a similar looking website.

Click on "LOGIN" (circled in green above). Once that is done, you will be directed to your SingPass Login page (as shown below).

Provide the necessary SingPass ID and password. Following which, you have to undergo another round of security (two-factor authentication). Once that is done, you will end up on the SkillsFuture Credit Claim website (see below).

Select "Submit a Claim" and you will end up at the following screen (see below).

First, you have to select a course.

A pop-up window will appear on your screen (see above).  You are required to put in the course commencement date, course title, and training provider and search for the course in their database. Once found, select the course and click "Done."

You will be brought back to the "Submit A Claim"  page. Under "Fees Payable by You (incl. GST)" and "Amount of Credit to Claim", I put in the same amount, as instructed by my training provider. Do note that I keyed in only the tuition fees amount; "other fees" are not claimable under SkillsFuture.

Once that is done, I uploaded my receipt of the course fees as it is the only documentation I have from my training provider. Finally, I submitted my claim application.

Head back to the Account Summary page, and most likely you will observe that your claim has been approved, annnddddd it's done!


  1. Hihi

    Already bookmark this page... many thanks

    Normally we have to make payment to the institution before we attend class. Can I claim once I settle payment or must complete the class then can claim? Worry if skillfuture have any rules that we must claim within certain time frame?

    Thanks again...

    1. Hi Sy,

      Hmmm. That one I'm not sure.

      What I know is, if you have to make payment to the training provider first, SkillsFuture will reimburse to your bank account directly. That's why you have to provide your bank account number for such cases.

      Hope this helps!

    2. Okok. Thanks.
      I slowly go find out ... ;)

  2. Hi,

    I think I can help to provide some input on this. I made a bad mistake by attending and paying for the course before applying for Skillsfuture credit. They have rejected my claim because of this. So, try to do it in the manner that Nerd has suggested in the blog. You are right that there is a timeframe to make the claim. If I am not wrong, it should be made within 3 months after the start date of the course.

    1. Hi Robert,

      Thanks for sharing. I'm sure your input will be very valuable for readers.


  3. Hi robert

    Thanks for sharing ;)
    Think i need to really plan before apply for any class. So my pocket dont hurt... hehehe