Saturday, April 22, 2017

Epicurean Delights: AGgs

Welcome to Epicurean Delights. Your host for today, Unintelligent Nerd, will be investigating and providing coverage on the fine dining scene. According to some undisclosed sources, AGgs are purported to be one of the most exotic dishes that have hit the scene.

Unintelligent Nerd (UN): Hello there, would you like to share with the audience your creation?

Chef: Yes. AGgs will definitely tantalize your taste buds. They are made for the sophisticated connoisseur who are able to appreciate the finer things in life. First, you need eggs.

UN: Eggs? Is it an egg-based dish?

Chef: Bingo! Next, we have to boil the egg.

~ Some time elapses ~

Chef: Once you have a hard-boiled egg, mash it up. Next, we will be adding in the "mystery ingredient." Wrap the mashed egg and the mystery ingredient together with a plastic wrap.

~ Some more time elapses ~

Chef: Annnddd wala! You have your AGgs!

~ Scroll down the page ~

UN: ................

Disclaimer: This post is for educational purposes only. Unintelligent Nerd is against the artificial toning of silver bullion (AG) with eggs for ethical reasons. The sulfur present in hard-boiled eggs interact with silver to produce the toning effect. For antique silver bullion buyers, do your own due diligence if you ever consider buying toned coins.

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