Monday, August 22, 2016

First Post!

Hi there, I'm Unintelligent Nerd, the latest addition to the Singapore Investment/Financial Blogosphere.

I have been a silent reader for the past 1 year or so and have learnt a lot from the combined wisdom and experience of each and every one of you bloggers. A big shout out and thanks to everyone!

A bit about myself. I am a researcher by vocation. Befitting the stereotype of a nerd, I read a lot. For the past one year, I have expanded my reading to include materials on personal finance and investment.While others look to investment as a viable strategy to reach financial independence, I intend to use the dividends from my still-small portfolio to sustain myself when I eventually do my Masters/supplement my PhD stipend.

I hope to use this blog as a platform to:

1). document my investment journey

2). self-teach myself specific skill sets which could only be gained from blogging

3). note down my non-investment-related thoughts that may or may not have a bearing on my investment philosophy

4). get to know people (I have to add a qualifier here: provided my identity is not disclosed to every single reader)

And yes, why do I call myself unintelligent? I believe that I have a long way to go in learning about life and its various sub-dimensions (investing included). Also, it keeps me humble and receptive to teaching.

Unintelligent Nerd

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